Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine offers VisionScope® Imaging for our patients. VisionScope® is a minimally invasive camera system which allows direct images of joint spaces and surfaces without surgery, stitches, or recovery time. The system utilizes a very small 1.4 mm needle camera which only requires a local anesthetic for patient comfort.

, What is VisionScope® Imaging?

With the VisionScope® Imaging system Dr. Savarino can look directly at affected joints to best determine a treatment plan. It is much less invasive than surgery or arthroscopic review, only requires a few minutes to perform, and even allows treatments such as steroids to be placed directly into the joints. VisionScope® is an excellent alternative to an MRI because it allows a more accurate assessment of joint injuries or issues.

Another benefit of VisionScope® Imaging is the ability for the patient to participate in their care. The patient requires no general anesthesia and therefore is fully alert and able to discuss treatment options with the doctor. There is no recovery time required following the procedure and the process is done in the doctor’s office rather than a hospital or surgical center. This reduces the cost both to the patient and their insurance company.

If you are experiencing joint issues and want a precise analysis of your condition with no surgery, recovery time, or time away from your life or work come to Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine in Tinton Falls NJ and speak with us about the innovative VisionScope® Imaging system. We are conveniently located at 55 N Gilbert Street, Suite 1101. For more information call at 732-385-2739

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