Biopuncture at Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine might be confused with acupuncture, but there are some significant differences. Biopuncture uses very low doses of a therapeutic solution injected at the point of pain or injury. Some of the conditions it can help treat include:

, What is Biopuncture and Its Benefits?

Chronic or acute injuries
Sports injuries
Migraine headaches
Stress injuries
Tension headaches
Injuries from repetitive motions or poor ergonomic positions
Asthma or hay fever conditions
Intestinal problems

Biopuncture treatments can be used successfully on almost any part of the body. Biopuncture differs from traditional medicine because it uses the micro-injections to trigger a healing response and reduce pain. Traditional medicine, for the most part, is interested in providing drugs that block the pain response to the brain but don’t necessarily focus on healing the injury itself.

Biopuncture is an excellent treatment for pain management. Some patients can experience relief in a single session, while others may take multiple sessions. Each person is different and we cannot promise immediate relief, but most patients will get a reduction in their pain symptoms promptly.

The advantage of biopuncture over traditional medicine is that healing solutions are injected directly into the injured area. Pills have to work their way into your bloodstream and can take hours to relieve pain. Also, biopuncture solutions are plant-based and are used in ultra-low dosages to minimize any side effects.

Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine in Tinton Falls NJ offers a wide range of treatments including biopuncture. We also offer treatment for sports injuries, stem cell treatments, laser therapy, and much more. Contact us for more information at 732-385-2739