What Happens if Plantar Fasciitis is Left Untreated?

The plantar fascia is a thick strand of connective tissue which runs along the bottom of your foot between the heel and toes. Every time you take a step the plantar fascia stretches slightly to absorb the impact, but over time small tears and damage can occur which results in pain. Some signs that plantar fasciitis is occurring include:

, What Happens if Plantar Fasciitis is Left Untreated?

A shooting pain in your heel when you first awaken but diminishing through the day
Pain after standing for long periods
Swelling in the heel or foot
Pain returns when you stand after resting or sitting
Pain along the bottom of the foot when you stretch or flex your toes

Ignoring heel or foot pain is not recommended, because there are long-term consequences if plantar fasciitis is left untreated including:

Heel spurs — These are calcium deposits the body creates to protect the arch of the foot. If allowed to grow they can form sharp spear-like projections that press into the fatty part of your foot each time you take a step, resulting in stabbing pain.

Plantar rupture — If the plantar fascia is subjected to ongoing damage from running or sports, you could suffer a rupture. This might be indicated by a popping sound followed by severe pain. Seek treatment immediately if you think you have a plantar rupture as you will need to keep off the foot or wear a support boot while it heals.

Plantar fibromatosis — These are non-cancerous nodes which form along the plantar fascia, possibly from the small tears which occur when the plantar fascia is injured. They can grow slowly, then suddenly accelerate in growth resulting in pain.

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