VisionScope® Imaging for Golfers

VisionScope® Imaging for Golfers

, VisionScope® Imaging for Golfers

Golf Digest recently published an article discussing the benefits of Vision Scope® Imaging for people who have suffered a joint injury. Having one of our procedures featured in a magazine like Golf Digest shows how relevant VisionScope® is for improving the health of patients who are interested in maintaining an active lifestyle and doing the things they enjoy, like golf.

What Golf Digest had to say

The magazine discussed many benefits associated with this type of imaging scan, primarily of the ability to receive more accurate information. Since MRIs can sometimes register a false positive for tears of the medial meniscus in the knee, it can lead to patients undergoing surgery and procedures that are not necessary.

Another challenge with MRIs is that they can be incredibly expensive and sometimes insurance companies do not cover them. Due to these disadvantages, Golf Digest recommended VisionScope® as an effective alternative. This is something that we offer in our office, both to patients who play golf and those who have never set foot on the course.

How VisionScope® Imaging works

When patients visit our office, we begin with a consultation to discuss the challenges that they are having. Next, we will complete a physical examination. This examination allows us to gather basic information so that we can begin to determine the extent of the injuries and what tests may be necessary for completing a diagnosis.

If we feel that this type of imaging would be an effective tool, we can set an appointment or complete it right then. To do so, we will first numb the area with a local anesthetic so there will be no pain during the procedure. Next, we insert the Visionscope needle which is equipped with a high definition camera. This allows us to inspect the damage close up. The process is actually incredibly fast and also very accurate. Typically within a minute or two, we are able to see what is necessary for us to make an accurate diagnosis. I would also add under the benefits that you can also inject through the scope so things like steroid or regenerative treatments can be injected.

This in-office diagnostic exam that is highly effective because it allows for us to gain images that are high-definition. As a result, we can see what is causing a patient’s discomfort. The benefits of this type of imaging include:

It is usually completed in under 10 minutes
There is no recovery time because it is minimally invasive
Patients can immediately return to work
No additional tests are necessary
Patients do not require a follow-up appointment to get the results of the diagnostic
It is less expensive than an MRI
It is possible to immediately discuss various treatment options after the diagnostic is complete


Of these, the benefits really come down to the ability to know what is happening immediately and then to discuss treatment options with the physician. Otherwise, patients often visit a doctor, go to a lab for diagnostics and then can wait days or even weeks for the results of those tests. During that time, patients will continue to feel discomfort and stress with the anticipation of not knowing what is causing their pain.

We believe it is better to get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible and VisionScope® Imaging allows us to do so. It also allows us to have frank and through conversations with patients about what their treatment options are.

Get the answers you need today

If you are looking for information that can lead to a treatment plan and ultimately results, call our office and schedule an appointment. We can use VisionScope® to get the answers that you need to start the recovery process.

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