These Surgery Alternatives Provide Pain Relief and Healing

, These Surgery Alternatives Provide Pain Relief and Healing

Surgery alternatives are available and an excellent way to improve health, reduce pain and restore function without exposing the body to additional trauma.

Too often, we speak with people who have undergone surgery without it being absolutely necessary. This is typically because they are unaware that there are noninvasive treatment options that could be just as effective. Knowing that, if you or someone you know is suffering and thinking about surgery, visit our office to discuss the options.

We offer several surgical alternatives in our office

Lasers can be used to reduce pain and stimulate cell regeneration

One popular noninvasive treatment method is high-dose laser therapy. This surgical alternative uses the power of light to promote cell and tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to the injured area. As a result, lasers have been incredibly effective for treating all sorts of conditions, ranging from peripheral neuropathy to tendinitis. Patients of all ages visit us for this treatment option because it is low risk, does not traumatize the body in any way and is incredibly effective.

Sonex Health SX-One Microknife

We use this minimally invasive treatment option to treat the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Since CTS impacts many people (including office and factory workers), we offer this treatment on a regular basis. Instead of undergoing surgery to relive pressure that has been placed on the carpal tunnel, we can use the Sonex Health SX-One Microknife to relieve pressure and alleviate pain. It is effective and the recovery is fast.

Tenex Health TX

This treatment option is popular among our patients and professional athletes. Those who suffer from tendinopathy will benefit from this treatment option, since it has the same success rate as surgery does, but without the downtime and long recovery process.

The benefits of forgoing surgery are vast

Among the many benefits of choosing a noninvasive treatment option, the following stand out:

Fast recovery time
Minimal downtime
Minimal interruption to a person’s daily routine
The treatment process is comfortable
No additional trauma to the body
The treatments are affordable
Pain can be reduced and make medication no longer necessary
No hospital stays

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We understand that sometimes, surgery is necessary. In that case, patients must do what is required to recover and restore their health. Still, before making that determination, it is important for all patients to try noninvasive treatment methods. Since we offer several in our office, we encourage patients who are living with pain and discomfort and are considering surgery to visit our office for a consultation. During that time, we will complete an examination, take scans of the injured area and then recommend what we feel will be the most effective form of treatment. To learn more or to get started, call us today.

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