Tennis Elbow Therapy: Treatment Options

Tennis Elbow Therapy: Treatment Options

, Tennis Elbow Therapy: Treatment Options

Tennis Elbow TherapyTennis elbow is one of the most common conditions treated in sports medicine. While you can get tennis elbow playing sports, it is also a very common injury from repetitive activities at work, gym or at home. Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine can treat your tennis elbow regardless of how you injured it. The good news is that tennis elbow therapy is typically very successful. The bad news is that it needs to begin as quickly as possible so if you have waited a while, the condition could be getting worse. In this case, call us right away to get started.

Get plenty of rest

It is critical that the tendon is rested properly once tennis elbow sets in. This means resting until the elbow is pain-free with normal activities. Once pain-free, a gradual return to activities should begin. If rest has not been enough to make the condition go away, the best course of action is to call our clinic and schedule an appointment.
Initially, you most likely will need to:

Use ice
Take anti-inflammatories (i.e. ibuprofen, naproxen)
Compression with a wrap or a brace specific for tennis elbow
Stop the activity that led to the discomfort in the first place

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

We may recommend various stretching and strengthening exercises as part of a tennis elbow therapy. This type of physical therapy can be critical for strengthening the tendon and preventing it from becoming injured again. However, it is important to complete these exercises under the supervision of a physician or physical therapist to ensure that they do not further aggravate the injury.

Other types of tennis elbow therapy

For the majority of people, the above treatments will provide relief. However, if these conservative treatments do not provide relief of your symptoms, there are many more treatment options. The most common next step would be to try a steroid (also known as cortisone) injection. At Apex sports and Regenerative Medicine, we administer all of our injections using ultrasound guidance, which ensures precise placement of the medicine providing better pain relief. If the steroid (also known as cortisone) injection does not work or does not provide relief for long you may be a candidate for our regenerative treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and/or stem cells. We may also discuss Tenex, which is an ultrasound-guided debridement of the tendon, where the bad tissue is removed. The procedure is so minimally invasive that it doesn’t even require a stitch and is performed in the office instead of in the operating room. High dose laser therapy can also be used to help heal the damaged tendon.

We offer a variety of solutions

Fortunately, we offer all of these treatments in our clinic which makes it possible for us to work with patients throughout the process of the recovery, using whichever solutions and therapies we feel will be the most effective for their particular situation. Rather than recommending a singular solution, we customize treatment plans for the best possible results. The cutting-edge treatments provided at Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine have virtually eliminated the need for open surgery for tennis elbow.

Call and schedule an appointment

If you are suffering from tennis elbow, call our clinic to schedule an appointment to discover which tennis elbow treatment will work best to help you recover. The key is to get started today and to begin the healing process.

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