Summer is in full swing! As you enjoy basking in the sun and warmer weather, taking care of your skin is essential. Time spent in the sun can have lasting effects on your skin, and the weather can flip-flop between dry periods or periods of high humidity. All of this can wreak havoc on your skin. Your skincare routing should be adjusted accordingly to protect your skin and keep it glowing all summer long and into Fall.

Taking simple steps can go a long way in protecting your skin and helping to get that healthy summer glow. Here are Dr. Dan Savarino’s five tips for healthy summer skin:

  • Hydrate the skin by applying moisturizer
  • Exfoliate to remove dead, dull skin cells
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Embrace sunscreen as your best friend
  • Visit an aesthetic professional

Staying hydrated does wonders for your skin and can even help reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark under-eye circles, and dry patches. In the hotter months, you can become dehydrated much easier, so increasing your water intake can help. Just as your body may require more water, your skin also needs extra hydration. Dr. Savarino recommends using a high-quality moisturizer to refresh your skin daily.

Dr. Savarino recommends Jan Marini’s skincare products to his patients. Jan Marini is committed to delivering results and is an innovator in the skincare industry. Their award-winning skincare system addresses all summer skincare concerns — moisturizing, exfoliating, and protecting your skin.

Want to enhance your skincare? Dr. Savarino is proud to offer DermaFuse. DermaFuse provides a needle-free method for superior enhancement of delivery of all-natural, high-quality topicals. Customizable to many aesthetic concerns, patients will enjoy the benefits of immediately visible results without pain or downtime. This one-of-a-kind technology provides maximum skin penetration for the best results at every session. Patients should expect visible improvements immediately following.

Many laser treatments to address aging are not recommended in the summer months. At Apex Center for Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Savarino offers Viora VFr as a powerful, minimally invasive, ablative therapeutic alternative to aggressive laser treatments and therapies.

VFr, or fractional radiofrequency, is a spectacular anti-aging treatment. VFr involves treating one or more layers of the skin with heat, suction, and radiofrequency micro-pins to trigger collagen production and cell turnover. The Viora VFr is FDA-approved for treating deep-set wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch mark treatments, skin resurfacing, pigment disorders, and labial rejuvenation. VFr can help lift sagging skin, improve tone and texture, and promote facial rejuvenation.

Interested in the Jan Marini Skincare System, Viora Dermafuse, or Viora VFR treatment? Complete the patient inquiry form on our website to activate an appointment with one of our Patient Advisors, or call (732) 385-2739 today!

Dr. Daniel Savarino, DO, is a sport and regenerative medicine specialist in Tinton Falls. He is an established and highly skilled physician specializing in sports and regenerative medicine, pain management, anti-aging therapies, and aesthetics.