Sports Injuries Treated by Sports Medicine

, Sports Injuries Treated by Sports Medicine

Sports MedicineAs a patient, it is critical that you are able to perform at your very best and this is why we offer patients a variety of treatments that fall under the category of sports medicine. We work with patients on a regular basis. This requires a different approach than treating someone who comes in with a common illness. It requires treatments with the understanding that a patient needs to recover at their full capacity and strength. It is not enough to simply treat problems. Health issues must be treated in a way that does not require a lengthy recovery process, if possible and allows for a patient to return to their full performance and functionality. We understand that and that is one of the reasons why so many patients visit our clinic. They know that we are here to help them get back on the court and in the game.

Common sports injuries

We treat both common and unique sports injuries. Some of the injuries that we see on a regular basis are:

Heat stroke. Many patients will experience heat stroke when training or playing in the summer months so it is critical to take breaks in the shade and remember to hydrate.
Muscle cramps. Many muscle cramps will go away on their own but if muscles have been overused, the exercise associated muscle cramps may require medical treatment.
Runner’s stitch. This can be a highly annoying condition that we can help to treat and prevent in our clinic.
Asthma. It is possible to develop exercise-induced asthma and sometimes a patient needs to be prescribed an emergency inhaler to be used before playing.
Bone fractures. Occasionally a patient will suffer a bone fracture due to landing wrong or coming in contact with something forcibly.
Strains and sprains. It is important to treat a strain or sprain with care to ensure a full and quick recovery that does not lead to a subsequent or greater injury caused by returning to the game too quickly.
Musculoskeletal problems. When a patient moves too quickly, is thrown or jerks violently, the action can lead to musculoskeletal injuries that require treatment and care.
Concussions. Any athlete suffering a concussion needs to visit the emergency room for an examination to ensure that there are no signs of a traumatic brain injury and to get any necessary treatment.

Some of these conditions we treat in our clinic and other ones we refer to specialists for additional care. However, we can be a patient’s first point of contact so that we can conduct an examination and determine what the extent of the injury is and the best way to treat it. We offer a variety of comprehensive treatment solutions in our clinic and pride ourselves on providing patients with the care they need to recover quickly and efficiently. Our ultimate goal is that all of our athlete patients have the ability to recover and get back in the game at the same level or better than when they left. This demands immediate care, ongoing care, and physical therapy or rehabilitation.

Train for strength

It is critical that patients attend physical therapy or rehabilitation appointments so that they can train for strength. Regardless of what was injured, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of that injury recurring by strengthening the muscles around the area. This is absolutely critical because once an injury has occurred it is more likely that it will occur again. In other words, just like a patient needs to train to be in the game, sports medicine tells us that they need to train to not become injured again.

Call for help

If you have suffered a sports injury, we recommend calling our clinic and scheduling an appointment for sports medicine. We are here to help you recover and to perform at your very best, so call today and discover what options are available to you in our clinic.