Professional Cyclist Chris Horner Benefited from Pain Management Solutions

, Professional Cyclist Chris Horner Benefited from Pain Management Solutions

Did you know that many professional athletes need help with pain management solutions? Being a professional athlete places a lot of stress on the body so, even athletes who do not suffer from a traditional injury may begin to feel pain over time. When they do, exploring alternative therapies like Tenex HealthTX is fairly common. Since this is one solution we offer in our office, we make it possible for non-athletes to benefit from this procedure as well.

Professional cyclist Chris Horner benefited from Tenex HealthTX

Chris Horner is one example of a professional athlete using a therapy we offer. He won the Tour de Spain at 41, in part, because of this therapy. Chris Horner, Professional US Cyclist said, “After 20 years as a professional cyclist, I faced the most difficult injury of my career. Following a difficult race in Italy, my knee started hurting to the point I couldn’t ride or even walk without pain. I was diagnosed with IT Band Friction Syndrome and tried every non-invasive therapy I could find. Despite months of treatment, my injury persisted, and I was worried that my career as a professional rider was over. I heard about the Tenex HealthTX procedure. Since it is such a safe procedure, my doctor and physical therapist suggested that we try it. I had the procedure on May 23rd, and it was so quick. I was in and out in less than an hour. My pain was almost gone in two days. Once I started riding in late June, I could tell that the injury was finally gone. In my first race back at the Tour of Utah, I finished second overall. I then headed to compete in the Tour de Spain feeling better than ever. Thanks to Tenex HealthTX, I made it back on the bike and into the history books with a Grand Tour victory at 41 years of age!”

Anyone wishing to experience the many benefits of this therapy should call our office and schedule an appointment. We help patients who are struggling with chronic pain to regain their health and control of their life. When someone is suffering from such intense pain that it makes it difficult for them to continue with daily activities, it is critical to seek pain relief immediately.

Doing so can yield fantastic results. While we cannot guarantee that those results will lead to a massive race win, like they did for Chris Horner, we can safely say that this therapy helps our patients to feel remarkably better.

The consultation

During the consultation, we will take time to ask a lot of questions during the initial consultation. We want to know about medical conditions, health history and what has been tried before in an effort to relieve the patient’s pain.

We encourage patients to be as specific as possible so that we can gain an in-depth understanding of what may have initially caused the pain, what treatments have been tried and why those solutions may not have worked. Sometimes, information can be obtained by learning about prior treatments that were insufficient.

The consultation is the first step towards finding a pain management solution. This information will help us to make a treatment recommendation that is thorough and effective. If the best solution is the Tenex HealthTX we will make note of it at that time.

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