Our Injury Treatment Keeps Everyone Moving

Our Injury Treatment Keeps Everyone Moving

, Our Injury Treatment Keeps Everyone Moving

We provide injury treatment in our office that can be used to improve your overall health and performance – even if you are not an athlete. For anyone who wants to get up and get moving, our treatment can help.

As you are thinking of your 2018 New Year’s resolutions, we encourage you to make a plan to visit our office so that we can provide treatment that will make it possible for you to function at optimal capacity going forward.

Three reasons everyone can benefit from an injury treatment

#1 Long-term recovery.

It is not simply about recovering faster but maintaining a long-term recovery. Too often, people will recover from an initial injury only to become injured again months or years later. The injury is more likely to lead to permanent damage so it is wise to visit a medical provider who can help to complete the initial recovery and also help patients to become stronger by taking steps to prevent a re-injury.

#2 Reduce pain and discomfort.

Initially, our treatment will be focused on reducing any discomfort or pain associated with the injury. This is important for daily quality of life. Our approach does this without the use of pain medication, a step that is incredibly important for anyone who is focused on long-term performance. Since many pain medications are highly addictive, relying on them for relief can lead to performance issues later on as patients could fall into the habit of depending on pain medication and this often leads to addiction.

#3 Get back out there.

Our injury treatment makes it possible for athletes, or even the occasional gym-goer, to get back out there and get back in the game. After we have initially begun to reduce any pain or discomfort, we will be working to get to the source of the problem and to help the body heal so that our patients can continue to play and perform at a high level. This usually involves a comprehensive approach to treatment, one that is focused both on immediate results and long-term goals. We will also be careful when monitoring the progress of our patients to ensure that they are sufficiently healed before training again and before getting back in the game. This is a critical aspect of what we do because if someone gets active too quickly, they could become injured again, creating a further setback to the overall recovery process.

Healing the body

Our injury treatment focuses on ways that people, including athletes, can heal without relying on too many medications. We take a natural approach because we believe that this is better for long-term recovery. This may involve multiple aspects of medical care. Sometimes we work with other providers as well. Ultimately, the goal for us is to help our patients to perform at the same or higher level than they did before. If this requires involving multiple providers and various therapies, we are happy to coordinate that effort.

Schedule treatment today

If you are someone who has been injured, we recommend calling our office to schedule an evaluation today.

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