, Ultrasound Guided Procedures

Ultrasound Guided Procedures

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What are ultrasound guided injections?

Ultrasound guided injections improve the safety and effectiveness of orthopedic and sports medicine treatments. Guided injections can be used to facilitate the delivery of anesthetics, anti-inflammatories, regenerative medicine treatments and other medications, and other minimally invasive treatments.

Ultrasound guided injections are far superior to “blind” injections because they improve accuracy of the needle placement. This allows the physician to avoid painful or dangerous areas, or just direct the treatment to a very specific area. In addition the ultrasound allows the physician to inject structures that would not normally be possible to hit “blindly” such as nerves, cysts, tendons, and fluid collections. Ultrasound guided procedures do not require anesthesia, and there is no radiation from the ultrasound machine.

Guided injections can be used for almost any minimally invasive procedure. One of the most common orthopedic and sports medicine applications is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. PRP treatments are used to reduce pain and restore mobility in soft tissues and joints and are especially effective for chronic tendon and ligament problems.

Ultrasound guidance can also be used to inject stem cells. This therapy is especially effective for helping heal joints. It can also reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee, hip, shoulder or ankle. If your treatment must be delivered to an area that is anatomically complex, such as the hip joint or soft tissue located deep inside the body, a guided injection may be the only way to do it safely and accurately.

The use of these therapeutic protocols are strongly supported through scientific research due to the high degree of safety and few adverse side effects. The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine supports the use of ultrasound guided injections and recommends it as a component of Sports Medicine training programs.

, Ultrasound Guided Procedures

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All of our stem cell and PRP injections are given under ultrasound guidance. The ultrasound is used to guide the needle to the precise location and inject the stem cells. This insures accurate and safe injections. Dr. Savarino is an expert in ultrasound guided procedures and diagnostic techniques.

Following the injection, depending on the affected joint, some patients may avoid bearing weight for a day or two. However, it is critical that the joint not be immobilized. Careful movement is critical to stimulate healing. Aggressive activity, such as sports, should be avoided for a period of time. We provide each patient with specific post-injection activity guidelines.

If you would like to learn more about ultrasound guided procedures and the various treatments we provide, call 732-385-2739 to schedule a consultation.

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