How Does the Sonex Health SX-One MicroKnife Work to Relieve CTS?

How Does the Sonex Health SX-One MicroKnife Work to Relieve CTS?

, How Does the Sonex Health SX-One MicroKnife Work to Relieve CTS?

Sonex Health SX-One MicroKnife is a new and innovative solution for treating carpal tunnel syndrome, also known as CTS, a debilitating condition of the hand and wrist. The procedure helps relieve the symptoms commonly experienced with CTS that lead to frustration, poor overall hand functionality, trouble participating in sports and problems performing daily tasks.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

CTS is caused by a compressed, swollen and irritated median nerve, which is in the carpal tunnel. This is a passageway that runs through the palm side of the wrist. Carpal tunnel syndrome is often brought on by persistent use of the hands in a way that irritates the nerve and narrows the carpal tunnel passageway. Some other common causes are:

Wrist fractures
Water retention during pregnancy
Joint dislocation
Wrist sprain or strain
Swelling of the flexor tendons in the arm

Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome

Common signs of CTS include:

Poor grip
Tendency to drop things
Pins and needles
Night pain and tingling in the hand, wrist and forearm

Most of the symptoms are experienced in the thumb, index finger and middle finger. Sometimes the ring fingers are also involved. Symptoms are usually intensified by activities that put more strain on the hand and wrist, like texting, driving or playing video games. In some cases, if treatment is not received, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome may become permanent.

Treatment for CTS

Treatment should begin with non-invasive options, like changing the way the hands are used, taking a break from activities that aggravate the condition, keeping the wrist in a splint for a period of time, performing therapeutic hand exercises and receiving steroid injections to reduce inflammation.

If these treatment options do not relieve the symptoms, the next best option is a Sonex Health SX-One MicroKnife for carpal tunnel release procedure. Micro-invasive Carpal Tunnel Release is a procedure that is less invasive than any of the other surgical options available. A single micro-incision of 4-5 mm, which is ten times smaller than the incision required by a traditional CTR surgery, is made ( The tiny SX-One MicroKnife is then inserted. Using the guidance of an ultrasound, the physician performs the carpal tunnel release, during which the transverse carpal ligament is cut to relieve some of the pressure on the median nerve.

Following the procedure, the symptoms are relieved without any noticeable scarring. In addition to the minimal scarring, the procedure keeps the surrounding nerves, blood vessels and tendons safe from damage, resulting in a faster recovery. Patients can return to jobs, sports and daily activities almost immediately following the micro invasive surgery.

Find out if this treatment is right for you

If you are struggling to do the thing you love to do and your hands and wrists are not working as effectively as they once were, we can help. To learn more about finding relief for carpal tunnel syndrome, schedule an appointment with our office. Sonex Health SX-One MicroKnife can reinstate hand strength and coordination and reduce the pain, tingling and clumsiness associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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