High Dose Laser Therapy for Injured Workers

, High Dose Laser Therapy for Injured Workers

High dose laser therapy is an effective form of treatment for someone who is unable to return to their job after suffering a workplace injury. Many of the patients that we treat on a regular basis are living with pain or discomfort from a past injury.

Unfortunately, if we do not implement the right treatment protocols right away, it is entirely possible for someone to continue suffering from that injury. We invite anyone in this situation to visit our office for help, so they can experience true relief.

We will help you receive the care you need

Following a work injury, it is crucial to seek professional treatment. Most people will continue to try to work without seeking treatment and only make the issue worse. If someone has a wrist injury but continues to type at a computer for eight hours a day, then he or she is only going to cause more pain.

However, with the treatments offered in our office patients have significantly higher chance of going back to work. We can help the patient recover and learn how to avoid flaring the injury up in the future.

How high dose laser therapy works

This treatment uses intense light energy radiating from a laser to reduce inflammation and pain, while simultaneously helping the muscles to relax. At the same time, this light energy works to stimulate healing so that damaged tissue can begin to recover.

This is not the same type of light energy radiating from a lightbulb. Instead, these Class 3 and Class 4 lasers can emit greater than 500mw of energy to target muscles and achieve results. These high-powered lasers can sometimes produce results in as little as 10 minutes.

Common workplace injuries treated by laser therapy

People who visit us suffer from all types of injuries. Some of the more common injuries include:

Injuries caused by repetitive motion such as doing the same thing every day at a manufacturing facility or office
Injuries caused by a sudden accident like falling

This can be part of a comprehensive treatment plan

Knowing that the goal is for an injured worker is to get back to their job duties as quickly as possible, it becomes important to create a comprehensive treatment plan that works to address all aspects of the injury and stimulate healing and strengthening. To do this, it may be necessary for a worker to visit more than one physician.

For example, we can provide high-dose laser therapy, but another physician may be necessary to complete a particular surgery. Likewise, patients may also benefit from physical therapy. While we can provide a variety of treatments in our office, we are happy to coordinate care with other physicians as well.

Schedule an appointment to speed up your recovery

If you are an injured worker who is looking to recover as quickly as possible, schedule an appointment with our office to discuss the many benefits of high dose laser therapy. At that time, we can determine if this procedure would be beneficial for you and discuss next steps.