High Dose Laser Therapy for Diabetics

, High Dose Laser Therapy for Diabetics

High dose laser therapy uses light to change cellular function. Using intense laser energy to impact the body at a cellular level has been incredibly effective for helping patients who are suffering from a variety of conditions, especially among diabetic patients. This is because our laser treatment can simultaneously reduce pain while also promoting recovery through the regeneration of damaged tissue.

Laser therapy is an effective form of treatment for peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is becoming more common, especially as more adults in the United States suffer from diabetes, a common precursor to the condition. Patients living with peripheral neuropathy have difficulty doing normal daily tasks and may feel that they are clumsy due to regular numbness and tingling sensations in their hands, for example. Fortunately, this laser therapy can help patients who are struggling with this and other issues.

This treatment is ideal for diabetic patients

Patients who are struggling with diabetes are more likely to suffer other health problems like neuropathy. However, treating these health problems becomes more complicated for diabetics because it can be more challenging for them to recover from invasive procedures or surgeries. This is because any time a person experiences a spike in their blood sugar levels, the white blood cells are unable to perform at optimal levels. This means that a diabetic will struggle with fighting infections or even preventing them. It will also be more difficult for them to recover from invasive treatments. Knowing this, it is necessary for diabetic patients to seek noninvasive treatment methods whenever possible. Using lasers to treat neuropathy is entirely noninvasive, since no incisions are made and only the laser light penetrates the skin.

For diabetics, this is excellent news because it makes it possible to treat this common condition without creating any additional health risk.

High dose laser therapy also helps diabetics with the following conditions:

Muscle sprains and strains
Neck pain and back pain
Sciatica pain
Knee pain

For diabetics, knowing that they can visit our office for treatment and healing that relies on noninvasive means is incredibly exciting. As such, we are treating more and more diabetic patients who are struggling with some of these common health concerns or who have become injured in a car wreck, when playing sports or in daily life.

High dose laser therapy is also affordable

When compared with other more invasive procedures and surgical options, laser therapy is incredibly affordable. This makes it even easier to seek treatment.

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High dose laser therapy works because it increases blood supply to the damaged area. As it does so, the nerve function and immune system are stimulated, additional collagen and tissue are created and cells are regenerated. This procedure simultaneously reduces inflammation and pain. It is an ideal option for any patient, especially diabetics, and we invite anyone who wants to improve their health to call us and schedule an appointment to experience the results for themselves.

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