Famous Athletes Who Have Used a PRP Treatment

Famous Athletes Who Have Used a PRP Treatment

, Famous Athletes Who Have Used a PRP Treatment

A lot of famous athletes are turning to the PRP treatment to help speed up healing after being injured. This is significant because professional athletes demand a lot from their body. They require their body to perform at its maximum potential during practices, while working out at the gym, and certainly during a big game, meet or event. Knowing that athletes like Tiger Woods count on PRP to help them perform at optimal levels, our patients know that they can count on this treatment to speed up their own healing after an injury.

These famous athletes use PRP treatments to help them recover

For some of these athletes, PRP has saved their career or at least prolonged it.

Garrett Richards. PRP was used to treat this pitcher’s torn elbow ligament.
D’Angelo Russell. The Laker’s player used PRP to help with knee pain.
Travis d’Arnaud. The Met’s catcher needed this treatment after suffering a strained rotator cuff.
Angel Pagan. The SF Giants’ center fielder had patella tendinitis in his knee and treated it using PRP.
Isaiah Thomas. The point guard for the Boston Celtics used these injections to help heal a groin strain.
Reggie Jackson. PRP was used to treat tendinosis and an ulnar collateral ligament sprain in the Detroit Pistons player’s thumb.
Koji Uehara. He suffered a pectoral injury and receives regular PRP injections to treat it.

Why do famous athletes choose PRP?

It works. Plain and simple. Additionally, it helps them avoid having surgery. Taking time off to undergo surgery and then to recover from it can destroy an athletes entire season. This treatment allows them to avoid that outcome. For our patients, saving time and preventing a long recovery time is equally important. While our patients may not earn their living on the golf course or baseball diamond, they do have important jobs that provide for their families and taking time off for surgery can mean a loss of income.

Do non-athletes benefit from a PRP treatment?

Yes, most of our patients are not athletes but regular adults who want to get better faster and without the need for surgery.

Can the PRP treatment help with every condition?

Research is still ongoing, but it has found to be very effective for the treatment of chronic tendon injuries. An example would be problems with the tendons in the knee, the Achilles, etc. It has also been effective for helping people who have suffered muscle and ligament injuries. An example would be a sprain in the knee. Researchers also ongoing to see how effective this treatment is for people who have undergone surgery, broken a bone or suffer from arthritis. Since it is noninvasive, many patients are choosing to incorporate this treatment into their overall recovery plan.

Is platelet-rich plasma therapy recommended by any professional organizations?

Yes. Organizations like the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons house adjusted that this treatment can be beneficial for patients who have suffered an injury.

Is it covered by my insurance?

Each insurance policy is different and so we recommend speaking with our office manager for information or contacting the insurance company directly. If they do not cover it, we are happy to discuss financial arrangements to ensure that patients can receive this beneficial treatment.

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