, EmSculpt NEO New Jersey and New York

The world of non-surgical body contouring and body shaping is rapidly changing and progressing.  New technologies and innovations are continually increasing the amount of fat that can be lost and skin tightening that can be done without surgery and with little downtime.

One device stands out as a breakthrough, the newly released EmSculpt NEO by BTL Aesthetics.  The EmSculpt NEO combines two technologies into one device that until now could never be combined, radiofrequency (RF) and Hi-Fem.

The reason is that RF requires metal and Hi-Fem uses electromagnetic waves, like a magnet.  The team at BTL Aesthetics has developed a patented technology that now combines both radiofrequency and electromagnetic wave technologies for a treatment that is far superior and provides a much-enhanced treatment pathway for those struggling to lose stubborn body fat. EmSculpt NEO will set the Goldstar standard when it comes to treatments related to body contouring and body shaping even beyond cool sculpt technology!

How It Works:

Radiofrequency technology or RF works by increasing the temperature of the tissue being treated.  This happens by putting the cells in an excited state causing them to oscillate which in turn causes friction between the cells, producing heat.  When the tissue reaches a certain temperature it causes microdamage to the area.  In the fat layer, this does 2 things, it kills the fat cells in a process called apoptosis, and the cells that don’t die release the fatty acids and shrink in a process called lipolysis.

Not only do you have less fat but the fat that remains is smaller.  Within the skin, the microdamage helps stimulate collagen formation which causes tightening of the skin.

Hi-Fem, which is short for highly focused electromagnetic field technology, uses electromagnetic waves to produce a supramaximal muscle contraction where the applicator is placed.  When you contract your muscles on your own you may be incorporate 30-40% of the fibers, but with Hi-Fem you incorporate 100% of the fibers. This is the technology that the original EmSculpt device uses.

With EmSculpt the abdomen will perform twenty thousand crunches for every 30-minute session.  These supramaximal crunches not only build muscle but also kill stubborn fat!

Now with EmSculpt NEO, using the combination of these 2 technologies, it can kill 30% more fat and build 25% more muscle in only 4 sessions once a week.

Many people will experience even more fat loss and muscle gain just based on their fat density and location.

EmSculpt NEO can now provide 50% more fat loss than Coolsculpting, plus the muscle gain and skin tightening is something Coolsculpting can not do.

EmSculpt NEO, in comparison to Coolsculpting, takes much less time, as 1 treatment works the entire abdomen and is much more comfortable.

Apex Center for Regenerative Medicine was one of the first to have the entire EmSuite series in the state of New Jersey and we are now proud and very excited to be the first practice in the state of New Jersey to launch the EmSculpt NEO.

In our constant pursuit to provide our patients with the very best and most advanced nonsurgical treatments, having the EmSculpt NEO will significantly enhance our aesthetics treatments, sports medicine treatments, and non-surgical treatments designed to help our patients look and feel their best!

The EmSculpt NEO is by far the best technology of its kind. And aligns with our company mantra which says;

Don’t Operate, Regenerate!