Eight Things You can Do to Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee injuries are some of the most popular sports-related injuries . Whether your injury was the result of trauma or wear and tear over time, knee replacement surgery is a frequent resolution to these types of injuries. However, knee replacement is not the only solution to your problems. For eight ways you can avoid knee replacement surgery, just continue reading.

First, weight loss. Losing weight can actually help your knee injury. Your knees carry a lot of force when you walk and losing weight can reduce that amount of force.

Next, physical therapy. Often times, knee injuries are the result of weakened muscles. When strengthening the muscles around the arthritic joint, the knee can have more support, leading to less pain.

, Eight Things You can Do to Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery

Anti-inflammatory medicine is another solution to knee problems. An oral anti-inflammatory medication, such as Aleve or ibuprofen, can help you. However, you should consult with a doctor beforehand, just in case you are at an increased risk of renal disease or stomach ulcers when taking anti-inflammatories.

An unloader knee brace is another way to avoid knee replacement surgery. Ninety percent of people’s new arthritis is located at the inner part of their knee. With an unloader knee brace, an individual’s weight can be distributed to the half of their knee that does not have the same degree of arthritis. This can reduce pain and lessen the progression of arthritis.

A cortisone injection is a way to reduce inflammation in the inner part of the knee joint. This steroid shot lasts between three to six months, so you may need to get this shot routinely if you want to avoid knee replacement surgery.

Another injection option is the hyaluronic acid shot, which adds natural fluid to your knee joint. When you get arthritis, the fluid in your knee is thin and does not provide cushioning. Hyaluronic acid injections add that fluid, reducing pain. This type of injection typically lasts for six to 12 months.

Yet another injection option to avoid knee replacement surgery is a PRP injection, also known as platelet-rich plasma therapy. This injection draws blood from your arm, then platelets are removed from the blood, and those platelets are injected into the knee joint.

Finally, consider stem cell recruitment therapy. Stem cell injections are the only true treatment option for injured knee joints. This treatment can reverse or slow down the arthritic process, so consider seeking this injection to avoid knee replacement surgery.

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