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Mild symptoms of CTS can be treated non-operatively. Severe or persistent cases may be treated surgically by cutting (transecting) the transverse carpal ligament (TCL) to relieve pressure on the median nerve—a procedure known as carpal tunnel release (CTR). While CTR can be effective, it typically requires several weeks and sometimes months of recovery time.


Open CTR: During this procedure, a surgeon typically makes an incision (greater than 2-3 cm) at the base of the palm of the hand to expose and transect the TCL. Open CTR may result in a lengthy recovery period and a large and sometimes painful scar.

Endoscopic CTR: Endoscopic CTR utilizes one or two small incisions (1-1.5 cm) at the wrist or at the wrist and palm. An endoscope—a thin tube with a camera—is inserted through one incision to allow the surgeon to see the TCL during transection. Endoscopic CTR is less invasive than open CTR and has been reported to promote a faster recovery.


Micro-invasive CTR: The ultra-low profile SX-One MicroKnife™ is an innovative surgical device that enables Micro-invasive CTR through a single micro-incision (4-5 mm) in the wrist. The micro-incision can be closed with an adhesive bandage or strip instead of sutures or stitches. Minimally invasive techniques can result in a faster recovery time and minimal scarring.

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