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How is Viora V-Form different from CoolSculpting Fat Freezing?

Viora V-Form is a painless treatment, cleared by the FDA, which uses a combination of radio frequency (RF) waves and vacuum therapy to reduce fat and tighten skin. Your Viora V-Form practitioner applies glycerin oil and then uses a handpiece that emits RF waves combined with vacuum therapy to treat the target area. Each treatment lasts 15 to 30 minutes, and you’ll need between 6-8 treatments for optimal results. Viora V-Form requires more visits to your practitioner than Coolsculpting Fat Freezing, but each session is painless and shorter than a Coolsculpting session.

Viora V-Form Advantages over Coolscuplting Fat Freezing:

  • Treats the face, neck and body, including the forehead, eye area, nasolabial folds, chin and “jowls”
  • Tightens skin on the arms, back, abdomen and other areas. Coolsculpting doesn’t have skin tightening capabilities.
  • Is a quick, painless procedure. Each session lasts half as long as the shortest Coolsculpting procedure. Most patients can return to normal activity immediately.
  • The Viora V-Form practitioner can tailor the treatment to every patient’s needs by using one of four RF frequencies. This includes Viora’s fourth, multi-frequency mode, powered by CORE technology.
  • Viora Reaction treats all three skin layer – the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat layer – to better treat cellulite and reduce fat cells. Viora Reaction revitalizes collagen, causing it to reproduce and give skin a tighter, more youthful appearance.

How Many Treatments Will I Need:

The number of treatments is based upon the severity of your condition.