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What is BioFacial?

The BioFacial line of procedures combines traditional Aesthetics protocols with cutting edge Regenerative technologies resulting in a revitalized youthful and all-around healthier appearance. Each of these procedures is non-invasive and is the gold standard in the emerging field of Regenerative Aesthetics and provides outcomes that have not been observed outside of plastic surgery.

Edge BioFacialTM:

The Edge BioFacial is a program designed specifically for men who want a leg up on their competition. This procedure will provide you the chiseled looks and confidence of youth as you embark on your daily mission to conquer life!

Enhance BioFacialTM

The Enhance BioFacial adds in another layer of protection to Rejuvenate technologies to provide perceived injury and biologics to rejuvenate the skin’s health from the many environmental rays and toxins in the air. Enhancing your body’s Regenerative cascade and improving results dramatically!

Elite BioFacialTM

Results don’t get any better than this outside of plastic surgery and months of downtime. Using the most cutting edge protocols, your face will truly shed years off your aging face, while using your DNA’s perfect blueprint as its Regenerative guide. Results will look better, kick in faster, and last longer, making you the envy of your friends, family, and collegues.

How Long Does It Take: The procedures typically take less than an hour to complete and only requires downtime of about 24 hours or less. And can easily last for three to four months!

How Does It Work? 

During our BioFacial procedures, we use Umbilical Cord MSC’s exosomes because we know they contain seven times the exosomes. BioFacial procedures are specifically designed to deliver to your skin the growth factors that instruct cells to grow. When these messages communicate with your cells, they re-instruct your cells to behave like a child’s skin. Causing your skin to radiate like a child’s face!l

What Are The Benefits of BioFacial?

The non-invasive treatment can:

Improve Skin Tone and Pigmentation

Reduces Stretch marks

Reduces Fine lines

Reduces Wrinkles

Repairs Sun Damage

Improves Age Spots

How Do I Maintain My BioFacial Benefits:

Some of the modalities your provider may choose to include with your BioFacial procedure include the following:

Laser resurfacing: Laser treatments use heat energy to prompt the skin to produce more collagen. When laser light is directed towards the area of concern, it penetrates the skin and reaches the skin’s deep layer (dermis). This starts a healing process that, over time, can smooth etched-in lines and tighten the skin. When combined with a laser treatment like the MiXto Fractionated CO2 Laser, stem cells can help decrease inflammation and speed the healing process.

Microneedling: Stem Cell Aesthetics can be combined with   (with or without PRP) to enhance the result of the treatment and use micro-needling to deliver stem cells into the skin. ∙

Fillers to build collagen: Injectable dermal fillers offer a way to increase facial volume and counteract depleted skin. Fillers help to replenish lost collagen by stimulating the body to produce collagen naturally. When injected, collagen-promoting fillers can yield long-lasting results. This result is enhanced when fillers are combined with Stem Cell Aesthetics. By combining two treatments that increase collagen production, one is able to achieve longer-lasting, natural-appearing results.

How Do I Learn More? 

For men and women who are trying to combat the signs of aging, the BioFacial procedures are revolutionary new therapies that can potentially help regenerate damaged skin by combining traditional Cosmetic procedures with advanced aesthetic technologies only now available!

Complete our patient inquiry form to activate an appointment with one of our Patient Advisors at Dallas Regenerative Center or Call (469) 917-9166

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