All Your Stem Cell Therapy Questions Answered

Stem Cells are generally classified as “embryonic” having come from fetuses or “adult” having come from adult tissues. There are currently 75 adult stem cell therapeutic treatments identified and proven as effective, while there are none using embryonic cells because of the difficulty in controlling how embryonic stem cells develop.

, All Your Stem Cell Therapy Questions Answered

Mesenchymal stem cells or MSCs are stem cells which can differentiate into a number of different cell types; adipocytes (fat), chondrocytes (cartilage), or osteoblasts (bone). MSCs are obtained from adult bone marrow. They can also be obtained from fatty areas of the body.

The procedure to harvest stem cells from the hip bone or iliac crest area is generally painless and takes only a few minutes. After the skin and bone are numbed with lidocaine, a special needle is inserted into the bone marrow to allow viable marrow to be aspirated into a syringe. Apex Sports and Regenerative Medicine uses the Marrow CELLutions® device to provide the highest yields and least amount of patient discomfort.

Once the stem cells are harvested, they are injected with the assistance of ultrasound to guide the needle to the precisely needed location. Dr. Savarino is an expert in diagnosis and ultrasonic injection procedures. Following the procedure some patients may need to avoid putting weight on the hip area for a couple of days. Movement is needed to promote proper healing, so patients are encouraged to move around as much as possible. Each of our patients is given post-injection instructions and activity guidelines.

Conditions which can be treated with stem cell therapy include:

Osteoarthritis of the joints
Chronic partial rotator cuff tears
Persistent partial tendon tearing including tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, or patellar tendon tears
Partial muscle tears
Cartilage tears in the knees
Patellofemoral syndrome or Chondromalacia patella

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